GreenFeel is the trademark of EU Export Ltd, a company with the head office in West Midlands, United Kingdom. GreenFeel is the No.1 UK distributor and manufacturer of paper cups, wooden stirrers and other FoodToGo packaging at the most competitive price with experience for over 15 years.

GreenFeel stocks over 1000 products here in the West Midlands ready to go to all type of businesses like cafes, restaurants, street food vendors, schools, venues, offices and many more.

Our customers enjoy fast delivery, large selection of eco friendly products, quality materials, latest trend product design and friendly customer service.

If your order is over £100 we’ll deliver it free of charge UK Mainland.

*See our Delivery information page for full Terms & Conditions.

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Our mission is to supply disposable paper cups, meal boxes, disposable cutleries and other disposable food packaging while maintaining the highest product and service quality possible.

Majority of our clients consists of HORECA industry businesses specialising in catering and hospitality. Over the years we have become a reliable supplier for offices, educational institutions, the public sector, night clubs, and private individuals through internet shopping.

The products we supply are fully compliant with the UK and EU regulations. GreenFeel are local and international retail & wholesale supplier and manufacturer of Eco friendly Food To Go HORECA packaging


GreenFeel is the largest and the only FSC certified wooden stirrer’s manufacturer based in Europe.

We manufacture wooden coffee stirrers, individually wrapped coffee stirrers, vending machine coffee stirrers, different sizes ice cream sticks, mini ice cream spoons, popsicle sticks, waffle sticks, waxing spatulas. We use only selected quality birch logs.

Our state-of-the-art production lines allows us to meet worldwide and most demanding customer needs. We export all around the world country’s like UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Baltic states and Scandinavia, USA, Israel, Japan, Australia.

Environment Friendly Products

We care of our environment Eco friendly, compostable and recyclable packaging has become a big part of our business which is why we have dedicated range of Eco friendly, (compostable and recyclable- plastic free packaging.



We serve customers throughout Europe by having branches in UK and Lithuania. Our UK base trades nationally and within Western Europe and Ireland. The Lithuanian office covers the Scandinavian and Baltic states.



At GreenFeel we embrace the world of global trade while supporting the globe. Our products are responsibly manufactured and efficiently transported. Our goal is to achieve impeccable customer satisfaction with the minimal environmental footprint. We always target to perfect the customer service, leave no compromise to the product quality and innovate to further push the boundaries of what is possible.