Paper Cups For Hot & Cold Drinks From GreenFeel

The GreenFeel online store offers a wide range of paper cups. You can choose cups that are presented in a wide range of sizes from 4oz – 113ml to 22oz – 625ml or order personalised cups that will highlight the uniqueness of your restaurant or coffee shop.

About the paper cup walls:

Our popular single-walled paper cups provide excellent value for the price. Despite lacking the durability of our double and ripple walled cups, they are much more affordable and can serve a wide range of different drinks including hot beverages.

The outer wall durability of our double-walled hot drink cups is ideal for heat resistance. Providing a more pleasurable hot beverage experience, they’re also fitted with the ability to retain temperature for extended periods of time.

At the top end of the spectrum, enter our fantastic ripple-walled paper cups. Proven to be more efficient at retaining warm temperatures, this is ideal for coffee and other hot beverages. Featuring a corrugated texture, these cups enable consumers to enjoy a cool and grippy surface. These qualities are widely sought-after in the catering industry for their long-term benefits, which include aesthetic appeal, high durability, and a solid texture.

To make drinking from cups even easier, our lids are made especially for them. They also help keep the drink hot longer.

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