Paper Cups: Single, Double, and Ripple Walled by GreenFeel

Our hot and cold drinks paper cups make your drink taste great, and are 100% recyclable. Plus, they can be printed on the side for your brand or business. The perfect disposable vessel for your drink!

For any business or restaurant, paper cups and drink containers are part of their everyday operations. Using sub-standard containers can be a big hassle for your business. It can be frustrating having customers complain that their drinks got spilled on them or that their food is cold and soggy because the cups they used weren’t made with quality materials. That is why you are welcomed to the most convenient and cost-effective way to obtain paper cups. We’ll help you spread your marketing message in a clean, effective way that will turn people into lifelong customers.

We offer the most premium range of disposable recyclable paper cups and they come in Single, Double, and Ripple walls:

With a classically designed appearance, our single, double, and ripple walled paper cups are stylish for both home and office use. They can be used for hot or cold beverages and will provide outstanding value for the cost.


A single-wall paper cup is a great choice over a disposable plastic cup for your drink service. Here are some of the reasons you should go with these cups instead.

  • Single-walled paper cups are made of natural pulp from trees that make them eco-friendly and budget-friendly. They can hold cold or hot liquids for hours, allowing you to enjoy your drink in a more eco-friendly manner.
  • If you’re looking to reuse, then single-wall cups are ideal. They last longer than traditional hot drinks cups and can be reused multiple times. They are also cheaper than other types of cups due to their minimal production costs and lighter weight.
  • Save energy and money by investing in the eco-friendliest cups. GreenFeel’s paper cups are the best single-walled paper cups and represent your company’s commitment to the environment.


Designed for long-term usage, Greenfeel’s Double-Walled Paper Cups are cost-efficient and a lasting means to serve hot beverages. Their sturdy construction keeps drinks at the ideal temperature longer than competing products, so customers will stay satisfied with each sip.

  • Double-walled beverage cups are made using two layers of paper. The layer directly in contact with the hot or cold beverage is known as the single wall. This ensures the beverage stays hot or cold for a longer period of time.
  • Double-walled drinking cups offer more than just insulation. These sturdy cups protect the quality of your coffee by providing a barrier against outside elements. They keep your fingers from getting burned, they can withstand spills and splashes. You can use these cups as branding tools to get customers to buy more, and also provide a marketing opportunity if you get your logo or ad printed on the cups themselves.


GreenFeel’s Ripple-Walled Paper Cups are the ultimate when it comes to hot beverages. Although praised by many customers for being eco-friendly, what GreenFeel really wants to impress upon you is using their ripple-walled paper cups can retain your drinks hot up to 50% longer.

  • The ripple wall cup is effective insulation for the price. Its unique design makes it more durable and able to last longer, hence ensuring that your drinks are hot or cold as long as necessary. While they may be more expensive, you get what you pay for in ripple wall coffee cups. They retain heat better than the other types of cups and they also have a stronger construction. If you serve a lot of hot drinks to customers and want to make sure that your tea and coffee stay at the right temperature, it could be a great investment.
  • Perfect for events, parties, and giveaways, these custom-printed water cups will remind your customers of your marketing campaign every time they use their cups.
  • With the ever-lasting interests in the hot drinks industry, the demand for disposable coffee cups is ever-increasing. As a reliable supplier of disposable cups, we provide a variety of products to suit your needs from practical paper to trendy foam. Let us help you make an impact with our customized designs and we will place your logo or slogan on our cups and start generating more business.

Why settle for a double wall cup when there is a ripple wall cup on the market that can perform better and last longer? No matter what you want your takeaway coffee cup to do, check out Greenfeel’s store for the best products.

Choose your favorite color, or fully customize your favorite cup by choosing our Printed Cups

Did you know that Coffee shops, bakeries, ice cream vendors, food trucks, restaurants, and many other businesses are switching to printed disposable cups for their takeaway beverages? This perfect boost in takeaway beverage cups is great news for your business.

  • We carry a wide selection of cups to make it easy for you to choose the perfect one. We’re here to help you create cups that will match your brand and promote your business.
  • We offer you fully customizable paper cups that are ideal for promoting your brand or business. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and you can add your logo to them so that it will be visible to anyone who comes into contact with the packaging and the branding is secure as we use only the highest quality materials.
  • All of our cups can be ordered with paper cup lids which are designed to fit cups precisely. They keep beverages hot longer while making drinking from cups easy.

We pride ourselves on giving you the best service possible. At GreenFeel, it’s not about our services, it’s about You. Convenient and eco-friendly, our products are top sellers among major UK retailers. Our products not only meet but often exceed the rigid standards laid down by the various EU health and safety directives.

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