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Kraft Ripple Cups

Kraft Ripple cups are a real trend. Enterprises of the HoReCa segment more and more often choose them to form an original concept of the establishment and increase the recognition of the company.

Nice to the touch, stylish, unusual and high-quality kraft ripple coffee cups are really worth your attention. Your guests will appreciate taking care of them when you serve them tea or coffee in such a thick and comfortable paper cup.

  • Ripple Effect – This popular ripple effect provides your hands with an ultra-comfy hold, a strong grip, and powerful heat resistance.
  • Organic Finish – This unique brown hue gifts your cup with a genuine organic touch which appears great when serving beverages.
  • Rim Roll – Our strong tightly rolled edges optimise outer wall rigidity and act as a flawless fit for lid placement.
  • Inner Coating – Crafted using food-grade PE (polyethene), our cups deliver a robust final product.
  • Side Wall – Crafted using sustainable cardboard, our sidewall is a prominent part of the drinking experience.
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