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Disposable Salad Bowls

These disposable salad bowls are a must-have for any restaurant that offers carryout for salads. Our bowls are lined with polyethene in order to keep all the contents in the bowl rather than seeping through.

Keeping the dressing on the salad and only on the salad is the main priority for these bowls. Satisfy customers with a simple and efficient design for their salads.

  • Snap-on lids for spill-resistant design – Keep your customers salads safe with our spill-free design.
  • Fridge-friendly – If need be, these bowls can be kept in a fridge safely to be eaten later.
  • Bowls and lids can be stacked up neatly to take up minimal space and be stored easily.
  • Lids provide a bit of extra space at the top, which compliments the salad by not smashing it down before the customer even gets it.

Available in 3 sizes; (500ml, 750ml, 1090ml).

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