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Foil Containers, Trays & Lids

Foil containers, as well as foil trays, are the food industry standard, especially for catering businesses. The thick, food-safe aluminium is convenient to carry and stack if you are dealing with multiple meals. Long gone are the days of flimsy containers making a mess, spilling, or breaking altogether.

The GreenFeel’s containers and trays are both freezer and oven safe, meaning you can prepare meals ahead of time, store them in a freezer and bake in the oven when ready. Do not emit harmful substances so they are absolutely safe to use.

Questions & Answers

Are foil containers recyclable?

We make sure to make these containers as eco-friendly as possible and 100% recyclable for complete peace of mind.
Can I put foil containers in the microwave?

Not all, some aluminium containers can be heated into the microwave, while others not. This is because aluminium foil was coated on both sides. We do not recommend using them in the microwave.
Can I freeze foil takeaway containers?

These containers are freezer safe. Please, make sure that the lid seals well so air can not get in contact with the food.

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