Takeaway Food Containers

If you’re looking for the most all-inclusive variety of eco-friendly, high quality takeaway food containers then you’ve come to right place. We stock an assortment from soup containers and burger clamshells as well as stackable lunch containers.

Environmentally Friendly Takeaway Containers

The environmental impact of takeaway packaging is at the foreminds of our minds, which means that we have a range to suit whatever requirements you need. Our Bagasse containers are completely compostable - they come in clean white color so it's easy for them to go back into use again after being recycled! Whereas Sabert Food Containers make fast serving foods perfect at events or street food trucks; on-the-go customers can also take advantage of these sturdy boxes too as they are completely compostable!

Provide maximum satisfaction to your customers while they leave with premier takeout containers. Order today to keep your restaurant fully supplied.

Questions & Answers

What size of the takeaway container do I need?
Typically 650 - 800g of food is enough for one person. Our "average" size takeaway containers can hold around 800 g of food which is usually enough.
Can I reuse takeaway food containers?
The Sierra Club has a guide for plastic containers and it says that if your container is made of plastic or PET then you shouldn't reuse the item. Instead, just recycle these materials according to their guidelines.
How to recycle takeaway containers?
You can take out your curbside recycling bin with rigid plastic food packaging. Make sure to rinse them before you throw them away because they will get washed at the processing facility, but giving these containers a quick wash is important for making sure they're recycled properly!
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