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Cardboard Food Boxes

Cardboard Food Boxes are ideal for hot and cold food, they are leak-proof and grease-resistant boxes which makes them perfect for retaining dressings and sauces. We sell these boxes in a variety of sizes from 25oz to 98oz all of which feature an easy-to-use lid closing mechanism, serving hot and cold food on the go is a breeze with these takeaway food boxes.

These brown food boxes are available made of recyclable, and eco-friendly compostable materials, which means every customer will find something to suit his needs. No matter you are serving noodles in boxes or fast food PA lined recyclable boxes or PLA-lined compostable food packaging will prevent leakage.

Things to consider

Can you recycle cardboard food boxes?
These products are PE lined and can be fully recycled at specialist facilities.
Are cardboard food boxes compostable?
Our compostable cardboard food boxes are compostable and composting is the best and most agrestal way to dispose of them. IMPORTANT* Please, make sure you purchased compostable packaging to disposable of them correctly as we have recyclable boxes as well.
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