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Foil Takeaway Containers with Lids

Foil Takeaway containers are a convenient, cost-saving alternative to traditional plastic packaging. They can be used for cooking and storing both pre-prepared meals as well as semi-finished products like stir fry dishes – allowing you to preserve their freshness much longer than in other packaging options!

Things to consider

All of our foil containers can be lidded, lids are sold together with the containers and can not be purchased separately. Keeping the product safe from leaks is a big concern for any company, which makes it all too easy when you can just rely on this feature. Not only does the airtight lid prevent liquid seepage during production and transportation but also helps keep them sealed up once they're delivered to stores or customers!
Food is always more appealing when it arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Aluminum foil containers can help you do just that! Lidded boxes keep hot foods warm and dry, preventing them from cooling too quickly before they need to be served or transported elsewhere for consumption. Aluminium foil containers are an essential part of managing inventory successfully because their uniform shape allows stacking easily while also ensuring protection against breakage during transport.
The most common measurement for foil food containers is cubic centimeters (cc). We sell containers from 250 cc to 5000 cc. The detailed dimensions can be found on each product page in the description section.
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