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Sabert Food Containers

Sabert food containers are designed to enhance your presentation. Sabert’s environmentally friendly collection includes a full line of molded fiber pulp compostable bases with recyclable plastic lids. These containers are suitable for hot and cold preparations.

This innovative product makes it possible for consumers to purchase hot preparations at any time and reheat the complete meal in a microwave. It’s perfect for street food traders, caterers serving food-to-go options that must also provide cold dishes onsite as well!

Information about the lids:

Different types of lids are available depending upon your application needs:
  • Pulp & RPET for COLD food
  • Pulp & PP for HOT and reheatable food

What are Sabert Containers made of?

Sabert BePulp Containers are made using pulp that comes from fibres of plant origin. This natural material is abundant, renewable, and usually intended for waste. Our natural products are Home Compostable, meaning that a minimum of 90% of the material disintegrates after 120 days, at a temperature of 25°C
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