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Disposable Soup Containers, Soup Cups and Lids

Our disposable soup containers are perfect for any restaurant offering a take-out or delivery service for soups. These are made from high-quality compostable materials that won’t fall apart after just a few hours of being filled.

Kraft Soup Containers

We all know that soup can be hot and cold, but did you also realize it's possible to eat your ice cream out of the same kraft soup containers? Our microwavable soup containers are great for both! Whether you're in a hurry or just not hungry- our fridge-, freezer-, and microwave-safe soup cups will keep all those tasty treats nice n' warm. We stock a lot of different sizes such as 8oz soup containers, 12oz soup containers, and even 32oz.

White Soup Containers

Our White Soup Containers are extremely versatile, the soup containers come lined with Polyethylene which makes them ideal for foods that require to be served at low and high temperatures. Although the title states "soup" these jars can serve a variety of businesses favorites such as pasta, rice noodles. Our sizes include 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32oz and a range of lids to fit.

Compostable Soup Containers

We're committed to being environmentally conscious with our food packaging too! That's why all of the soup containers are recyclable at GreenFeel, but if you want an even more sustainable option check out what we have available in compostable pots. They come sized 12oz or 16oz so there is something for everyone here on their quest towards environmental sustainability.
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